Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Monkey on your Back

Who sprinkles pepper in my pot?
Upon my wall who laid this crack?
Who deals my cards, who writes my plot?
How comes this monkey on my back?

—The monkey on your back is you.
The lurker on the landing is
Your nemesis. You know it’s true
You made the killer and his kiss.

Agent provocateur of sin,
You built the mad menagerie:
The bars you clang, the cage you’re in
You forged in your mind factory.

Never, never, never again!—
And yet the horror’s back, it’s here!
The maggot festers in the brain,
The monkey gibbers in your ear!

by Lasha Darkmoon

Patrick Willis narrates:

I'm breaking with tradition here (and I'm not going to do it again so please don't be sending me entries folks). You're already welcome to print your work in the comments section and if you needed to see it in a blog format, all you have to do is take five minutes to create one and then post the address in the comments. Basically I don't have the time to be an editor for other people's work. I'm showcasing this lady because she is the author of this piece and I wanted to bring the reader's attention to it.

It's a fantastic act of writing and exposes a condition I have long known about but never seen treated with this kind of ability. Be sure and email her if you liked the piece.


kikz said...

nice post by darkmoon.

here's a ditty of a fable; the ducks & hens.

Kevenj said...

First you begin to question reality slowly
Then you begin to question yourself, slowly
Then you begin to question others slowly
Then you begin to read and research slowly
Then you form opinions slowly
Then you express those to others slowly
then you solidify your opinions slowly
then you express those opinions to others slowly
then you understand how to articulate those concepts slowly within yourself
then you learn to articulate those concepts to others slowly
then you learn to be ridiculed and humbled slowly
then you learn why you are being ridiculed and humbled
then you begin to learn what concepts are real and need to be expressed and articulated
then you gain confidence slowly
then you don't care what befalls you after articulation with others

Then you being to understand

" (MY)Reality Post 911"

Montecristo said...

quite a poem, i love it! Ii’ve been trying to contact lady darkmoon for a long time now and wonder how she can be reached. I call her “lady darkmoon” because I’m told she’s a member of the english aristocracy moonlighting as an internet writer. I’d like her to contribute to a poetry anthology i’m planning, so if you have an email address for her i’d be grateful if you could give it to me.

Btw, lady darkmoon is said to be a louise brooks lookalike who posts on various anti-Zionist sites under the name of “Xanadu”.

If you’re interested, this is what she looks like — except she looks a bit older and thinner and with long matted black hair down to her waist.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know this lady!
She's a real gem.

Such a mind!
Such a heart!
Such a sense of self.

Her English is quite attractive, though I believe she was born in India.

She is a prankster and a wit.

Really intelligent women, so able and bold,
are quite unique.

I wonder if she is eating properly?

I Hope so..