Friday, March 7, 2008

Bend over and Wait

true love is a dream
that wakes up
and blends everything into itself

life has meaning
everything makes sense

sometimes it is more than this
sometimes much less
without it

then life becomes all expectation
hope running nervous at the edges
that are frayed
where they have been gnawed by doubt

too weak in the end to hold together
under the terrible weight of disappointment
which is always the result
of seeking true love
while being unable to truly love

real love is more rare than a bankers tears
more rare than sacrifice in a politician
yet it is what gives us life

we dream and wonder

and bend over and wait...

the physical eye is aflame and
intoxicated with form

golden Barbies and volleyball gods
symmetrical curves and perfect lines
youth without brains and
as cruel as a cat

the fruit of imagination
the object of desire

the plain ones cry-
"choose me!"
"no me!"
"sprinkle me with fairy dust."
"smile and break my heart."
bend over and wait...

"image is everything."
in that case imagine Agase sodomized with a tennis racket
an excellent image
caught by Canon
vulnerable in this new light
lets see that one again
i know
bend over and wait...

life is television and television
is life
there on the mindscreen to digest
serve it with blood in a beaded glass
put the shine of romance on your beckoning ass
while you
bend over and wait...

the wait
the expectation...

small bumps of excitement dot the cheeks
the sphincter contracts
and in a circular twist
its length is rimmed with invisible tongues
slick sweet death to the max
bend over and wait...

visible beauty
the desperate lie
they came here
and confused attention with love
notoriety with fame

and not even death and rebirth
has given them any depth

these tragic shells with nothing inside
they slide through the scenery
as the scenery
crying to the world

"long for me!"

"desire me!"

"lay awake at night and dream of me!"
(clench your stomach tight with need)
"don't touch!"
"don't touch!"

let them milk your desire like bees among the flowers
bend over and wait...

they slide like snakes in the moonlight
over dark glass
they mate with their own vacant forms
moving millimeters apart

never touching
and always out of reach

two dimensional poster art

the blue television light flickers
and halos their face
lit with the blood-light of swallowing fate

they dance before you and sing

"bend over and wait."

"bend over and wait."

they break the heart like glass
with their cold hard beauty

hard and cold and hard and


and valued
as diamonds are

by those who covet what cannot feel
bend over and wait...

bend over and wait...

we are presently dead
actually asleep
and in a dream

buried in flesh

everything is backwards

we wake up when we die

god is playing hide and seek
while you

dream of being serviced by a cyborg
that television said was real

television said
"get excited!"

television said
"let them sit on your face!"

television said
"you should live for this."


if they are late?
you know

bend over and wait

Patrick Willis narrates:


Anonymous said...

Wow man. This piece gave me the cheesiest smile in the world. I had written some words last night, and with that piece, this one relates in a parallel fashion. It never ceases to amaze me how many of my thoughts are shared by the people whom I come into contact with. Its also a wonderful to witness how one idea can take on an infinite amount of expressive forms.

I could go on for awhile, but I just want to say thank you.

p.s. In reference to a comment you made over at Smoking Mirrors about you being a channel. I also feel as though everyone is a channel for what many would claim to be an ultimate truth. It just really depends on how one refines their filters, and their capacity to consciously witness and express this truth.

Take care brother,


Anonymous said...

i found the the stream
and this is good news for me
since i have been craving
something like these
glances into a mind that is Visible now.
thank you.
aloha's from your Virgin Sperm Dancer back up stand in singer you took with you to that Hog Back studio